Quelques projets qui m'occupent... / Few projects I am involved in...

Réseaux, système et distribution

RéActiVE ()

A mixed GRID and active network application and architecture for multimedia content distribution.

Maison Intelligente et Dépendance

Building a computer assisted house centered around UPnP for dependable people.

PCFengine (Python Configuration Engine)

An object oriented framework for automatic system administration.

Informatique à Hautes Performances


A secured microprocessor architecture and environment for trusted execution


A compiler for embedded architectures with (non-)reconfigurable coprocessors.

SAC (SIMD Architecture Compiler)

A PIPS based compiler for SIMD/multimedia instruction sets

PIPS (Paralléliseur Interprocédural de Programme Scientifique)

A framework and workbench to build high performance compilers and to test new compilation techniques.

Document électronique


A successor to the old bibliographical tool for LaTeX

GABI (Générateur Automatique de Belles interfaces)

GABI is a compiler that generate a graphical interface for a program simply by analyzing its (f)lex/acc(bison) grammar.